Our Day One clients have seen up to a 63% reduction in Absence levels...

Find out how your organisation can save Millions of pounds and regain Thousands of working days...

When it comes to Absence Management, early intervention, real-time notifications and robust reporting is crucial for any organisation wishing to understand and reduce risk and the cost of employee absence

The DayOne Solution

Medigold Health has developed an industry leading Day One Absence Management Service which provides:

  • 24/7 recording and accurate classification of medical and non-medical absences
  • Immediate notifications to line managers, Health & Safety, HR and Senior Management
  • Agreed trigger points, allowing early intervention and signposting to OH and Wellbeing Services
  • Structured return to work process, bespoke RTW forms and manager compliance monitoring and reporting
  • 24/7 secure real-time management information, bench marking and trend analysis

Benefits of Medigold Day One Service:

  • Average absence reduction of over 30% in first 12 months
  • Improved employee Health & Wellbeing
  • Real-time reporting, benchmarking & trend analysis
  • Clear understanding of absence reasons
  • Fair and consistent approach for employees
  • Early intervention and sign posting
  • Reduction in days lost to absence
  • Increase compliance to policies & procedures
  • Average return of over 600%

Medigold Day One Service - Your Employees Journey

Employee Health & Wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do at Medigold Health.

The Employee Journey is that of care and support back to health and back to work.

By empowering Managers and HR, Medigold Health's Day One Absence Management service improves employee health, saves organisations Millions of pounds and Thousands of working days in productivity and we do what we do best, keeping people in work, safe and well.

Employee Wellbeing – The Bigger Picture

Even in 2017, large organisations still don't have all the answers to Employee Health & Wellbeing. Most have the traditional services you would be familiar with such as Occupational Health and Employee Assistance Program but, in isolation, these aren't always as effective as they should be. When asked why these services are in use by the organisation and what benefits they bring you often hear the response "because we have to have them" or "I don't know what the real benefits are, it is very hard to tell."

This lack of understanding of the bigger picture may sound surprising, but if you look a little deeper at the problem the reasons become clear. Employee Health and Wellbeing isn't about offering a "one solution fits all approach". Every employee is different, their issues are different, as are their circumstances and situations.

Health and Wellbeing initiatives need to be proactive, focused and have a clear understanding of the individual issues in an organisation. The basis on which they are planned and utilised need to be clear and backed up with real insight and focus.

This is where Day One Absence Management comes in. Managing employees Health and Wellbeing proactively from the first day of an absence through the entire duration of that absence, be it a short-term cold, cough or flu through to a much longer musculoskeletal or stress related absence.

An organisation needs to fully understand what is happening with its employee health and wellbeing, as it is happening. It needs to be able to see the trends and what the detailed, focused data is telling them in real time so that proactive, effective strategies can be put into place and changed quickly as the picture shifts. The number of organisations doing this in the UK currently and getting it right are surprisingly few.

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