Our team

AbleMed Health
has a new name

Thank you for your interest in AbleMed Health...

We are delighted to announce that AbleMed Health has recently been acquired by Medigold Health, the UK’s leading independent Occupational Health and Wellbeing organisation.

Who are Medigold Health?

Medigold Health is the UK’s most respected and established independent provider of Occupational Health and Wellbeing services. We have been involved in the business of helping employers to keep their people in work, safe and well for very nearly two decades.

We are redefining Occupational Health and Wellbeing in the UK and are dedicated to "Keeping people in work, safe and well".

Existing AbleMed Health Client?

Rest assured, your service delivery and key stakeholder relationships will remain undisturbed with the existing AbleMed Health team. They will be supplemented with support from the wider Medigold Health infrastructure and our wealth of knowledge and experience.

Exciting additional services and systems you will have access to include:

  • Pioneering occupational health technology
  • Holistic employee health and wellbeing services
  • State of the art health surveillance provision
  • Innovative Day One Absence Management reporting
  • Targeted mental health support.

Get in touch

For all enquires relating to Medigold Health in Scotland (formerly AbleMed Health) please contact us on: