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Making real savings is as important to profitability as driving revenue. Medigold Health can help you achieve considerable savings by minimising lost time and increasing productivity.

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* The savings outlined may only be achieved if the customer follows the recommendations and guidance as provided by Medigold Health

Absence has a significant impact on your bottom line. It is not just the absence that you need to consider but also the associated costs of finding replacement resources; the inevitable reduced productivity; badly affected morale; and the additional management time needed to cater for the unplanned absence.

Our absence cost calculator is purely based on the direct cost of absence and doesn't even cater for the other costs as outlined above. Why don't you see what absence could be costing your organisation?

If you think that the number shown is too high, please contact our dedicated team and let them start to help you change things in a way that fits with you and your organisation.

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