What we do

What we do

We understand our customer's complex risks and how to solve problems. We provide robust advice to deliver lasting savings.

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Our services

We assess our clients individually and create occupational health and corporate wellbeing solutions to address your specific needs.

This individual customer focus allows us to provide robust advice and create a comprehensive services portfolio, keeping your people in work, safe and well.

Placement Screening

Pro-actively manage the risk of adverse health issues. Placement Screening ensures that an individual is fit for a role and that the role fits the individual.

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Health Surveillance

Effectively monitor, assess, analyse and report on risks to workplace safety. Health Surveillance provides improved speed of access to specialist clinical recommendations.

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Driver Medicals

Ensure the medical fitness of all types of workplace transport drivers. Driver Medicals match the requirements of the driving task with the fitness and abilities of the driver.

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Job Specific Medicals

Make informed decisions knowing medical measures of fitness are being met. Job specific medicals provide detailed assessment of individual circumstances.

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Executive Health Screening

Improve well-being and heighten performance efficiency. Executive Health Screening is designed to assess both health and impacts of lifestyle on senior staff.

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Testing Service

We offer both scheduled and un-scheduled testing programmes with the ongoing support and expertise of our central team.

Our testing service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we offer a guaranteed two-hour response time across the UK, with any outlying areas, isles or islands on request.

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We believe training and awareness is a crucial part of the implementation and ongoing compliance and management of an Alcohol and Drug Policy.

We can assist you in structuring a training programme that will meet these needs and ensure that the policy is delivered positively and managed effectively.

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Testing Products

Our alcohol and drug testing products and laboratory services are fully validated and supported by research and expert opinion.

We provide the most vigorous Chain-of-Custody documentation and procedure, which gives you the most accurate and defensible testing products, services and systems available today.

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Absence Management Referrals

Robust, transparent, commercial and impartial approach to Management Referrals. Our Management Referral service aims to return individuals back into the workplace as quickly as possible. We also provide decisive advice on other courses of action including an individual's capability for the role and permanent health insurance eligibility.

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Ill Health Retirement Referrals

Decisive, specialist advice on Early Ill Health Retirement consistent with private and Local Government pension scheme rules and criteria. Our clinicians perform robust Ill Health retirement referrals and medical reviews, providing advice and outcomes on existing early ill health pensions. Our Early Ill Health retirement referral service enables tricky sickness absence cases to move forward.

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International Management Referrals

Fast, efficient, international management referral service using a combination of UK based Occupational Health clinicians and specialist international healthcare management. Our International services provide robust, bilingual absence management referrals across the globe, ensuring multi-national organisations can manage employee health and wellbeing wherever they are based.

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Understand triggers of discomfort and pain within the workplace environment and apply practical treatments. Physiotherapy treats problems through exercise, education and advice to speed the recovery of employees.

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Mental Health Support

Provide the right mental health and well-being assistance to your employees. Mental Health Support and Employee Assistance Services provide individual counselling over the phone and face-to-face to meet individual needs.

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Well-being and Health Promotion

Promote wellness and the health of the people within your organisation. Well-being and health promotion allows you to build the right long-term strategies to ensure the health of your people.

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Employee Assistance Programmes

Provide your employees with confidential counselling for issues affecting them both professionally and personally. Employee Assistance Programmes provide practical help and promote positive health behaviours.

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Pensions and Early Ill Health Retirement

Invest pension scheme funds appropriately and reduce the cost of prolonged absence. Pension and Early Ill Health Retirement advice supports good, impartial decision-making.

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Vaccination and Immunisation Services

Protect your workforce and reduce the risk of serious illness. Vaccination and Immunisation Services provide critical interventions to maintain the health and well-being of individuals and of your organisation.

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Flu Season Assistance

Reduce the disruptive impact of influenza on employees and workplace absence. Flu Season Assistance puts programmes in place to prevent and minimise negative impacts of seasonal flu.

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Travel Medicine Advice

Effectively manage health and fitness for travel. Travel Medicine and Advice allows business travel plans to run smoothly and keeps your employees safe while on the move.

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Ergonomic Consultancy and Equipment Supply

Increase efficiency and performance and understand workplace risks to health and well-being. Ergonomic Consultancy and Equipment Supply services deliver significant benefits and reduce long-term costs.

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Medication Helpline

Give your workforce expert information and advice to understand the effects and side-effects of their medication. A Medication Helpline provides 24/7 support for all employees, helping them work safely and perform well.

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Integrated Health Consultancy and Advisory Service

Identify the right strategies for employee well-being that support your organisation. Our Integrated Health Consultancy and Advisory Services use market-leading technology, giving you new capabilities to shape employee well-being.

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Insurance Advisory Services

Achieve positive outcomes by managing a return to work after ill-health or disability. Insurance Advisory Services provide assistance in the assessment and management of long-term illness and disability claims.

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Energy Sector Expertise

Detailed healthcare knowledge, service delivery and compliance for the Oil & Gas, Renewables, Clean Energy and Maritime sectors.

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Innovation in healthcare

Our market-leading technology innovations have streamlined the customer journey.

Our web-based, tablet-friendly solutions provide quick and easy access to management information, giving you the tools you need to understand and shape the health of your organisation.

This gives you complete control over your portfolio of services and their outputs so you can make timely and better informed decisions.

Market-leading technology

Medigold Health is at the forefront of health surveillance delivery and advanced technology solutions to improve the healthcare data we capture and the resultant information that you control.

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