Alcohol Awareness Webinar

24/11/21 – Events and Webinars

Research conducted by Public Health England and various alcohol charities over the last 18 months has shown that levels of alcohol consumption increased significantly throughout the pandemic, with more than a quarter of people reporting that they had drunk more during the lockdowns.

Now, as life is slowly starting to return to normal, there are concerns that for many these changes in drinking behaviour may have become ingrained, and this could have potentially huge consequences in the workplace.

As well as adversely affecting productivity and performance, the effects of alcohol misuse can put the safety of both your employees and your customers at risk, but the longer-term health implications are equally worrying.

Given that 1 in 5 adults in the UK drink alcohol in a way that could harm their liver and that liver disease is currently the second leading cause of premature death in people of working age, it’s clear that harmful drinking is a widespread issue that we should all be talking more about, and we think employers have a crucial role to play.

But how, and what’s the best approach to take? Find out by watching our webinar!

‘Shaking off the stigma – Why businesses need to open up the conversation on alcohol misuse and provide better support to those struggling with dependency issues’

On Wednesday 17th November, Andrew Purcell and Operations Director, Joanne Hughes hosted an insightful webinar that explored:

• Harmful drinking – what is it and what are the risks? (Including an update on the UK Low Risk Drinking Guidelines)
• The link between mental health and harmful drinking
• Recognising the signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence
• What employers can do to promote a healthier approach to drinking and manage the risks of alcohol misuse at work
• The business case for helping employees with alcohol dependence or drinking problems to access the right support

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