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  • Occupational Health Awareness Week

    Occupational Health Awareness Week 2023

    15/09/23 – Blog, Occupational Health

    Occupational Health Awareness Week (18th -24th September 2023) is a campaign led by the Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) and the Commercial Occupational Health Provider’s Association (COHPA) to raise awareness of the role of occupational health (OH) and the value it brings for organisations, individuals and society as a whole.[...]

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  • Why Senior Leadership Teams Need Occupational Health

    Why Senior Leadership Teams Need Occupational Health

    21/04/23 – Blog, Occupational Health

    The headwinds are fierce, but we’re all being told, just like we were by D:Ream, that things can only get better. Whilst we all hope this to be the case, leadership teams in growing businesses don’t have the luxury of time and wishful thinking. They want to take action now[...]

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  • The menopause – what are the symptoms and how do they impact on work

    The menopause – what are the symptoms and how do they impact on work?

    19/10/22 – Occupational Health, Wellbeing

    The menopause. It’s not just hot flushes and brain fog. The changes in hormone levels that occur during this natural phase of the aging process can lead to a whole host of physical and psychological symptoms that can impact on every aspect of a person’s life, including their work.   Indeed,[...]

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  • Why is workplace wellbeing important?

    Why is workplace wellbeing important?

    04/08/22 – Occupational Health, Wellbeing

    Over the last few years, the concept of workplace wellbeing has been steadily rising up the business agenda. But how important is it, really?

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  • What is occupational health

    What is occupational health?

    11/04/22 – Occupational Health

    Occupational Health is a highly specialised but broad area of medicine that focuses on the inter-relationship between work and health and how each affects the other in either a positive, neutral or negative way. Occupational Health providers provide advice and guidance to employers to help them: reduce risks to the health and[...]

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