The long road to recovery – A managers' guide to long COVID Webinar

10/08/21 – Events

According to the latest reports from the Office for National Statistics, almost a million people in the UK are currently suffering with long COVID, with experts warning of the potentially huge implications this emerging disease could have in the workplace and for our economy.

But what exactly is long COVID? Who does it affect? What is the impact? And how can it be managed effectively?


Almost 18 months after the World Health Organisation declared a global pandemic, and with nearly 90% of the UK’s adult population having now received at least one coronavirus vaccine dose, the emphasis for many businesses is shifting from how to protect their staff from contracting COVID-19 to how to support those employees who have already had it with the often debilitating after effects.

According to the latest release from the Office for National Statistics, as many as 835,000 people in the UK are still experiencing symptoms 12 weeks after a COVID-19 infection, while a further 380,000 claim their symptoms have been ongoing for longer than 12 months, with many reporting a significant, adverse impact on their ability to undertake day-to-day activities.

While the potential implications of long COVID in the workplace are clear, with symptoms varying widely and so much still unknown about this emerging disease a lot of employers will, understandably, be unsure about the best approach to take when it comes to managing it effectively.

We explored these important questions further in our webinar, ‘The long road to recovery – A managers’ guide to long COVID’, which was hosted by Medigold Health Consultant Occupational Health Physician, Dr Yvette Martyn, a qualified medical journalist and Assistant Editor for the Occupational Medicine Journal, who has a specialist interest in long COVID. Medigold Health’s Medical Director, Dr Gareth Williams, will also be on the panel.

Webinar Hosts

Dr Yvette Martyn - long COVID

Dr Yvette Martyn

Consultant Occupational Health Physician
​​​Medigold Health



Dr Gareth Williams - long COVIDDr Gareth Williams

Chief Medical Officer
​​​Medigold Health



Catch up on our webinar here!

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