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The benefits of Health Assessment Screening at work

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Health assessment screening is primarily designed to help prevent work-related illnesses, injuries and the spread of disease or infection. Screening helps to identify risk factors before they result in sickness absence and help you to put in place effective prevention strategies.

Confidential health assessment screening helps your employees to understand their health and provides you with an overview of the health of your workforce. Data from health screening informs the development of personalised action plans and recommendations to promote health and wellbeing across your organisation. Screening results can help you take action to drive a reduction in both absenteeism and presenteeism.

Health assessment data can help to ensure that your organisation is compliant with the law on health and safety, and equality. Organisations that offer health assessment screening also demonstrate their duty of care to their employees.

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    How health assessment screening works to build a picture of the health of your workforce

    Medigold Health can advise on the most appropriate types of health assessment screening for your organisation. This will depend on the risk factors associated with your industry or sector and can be tailored to take account of special circumstances.

    Health assessment screening processes vary according to the requirements of individual roles and the associated risks. They could include an annual health check that assesses the overall fitness of employees using a range of tests. Results may serve to outline potential health risks and raise awareness of any lifestyle changes that could mitigate symptoms and promote prevention.

    Assessments are usually carried out by a healthcare professional in a clinic or specialised mobile unit. Height, weight and BMI are recorded, and checks are made of blood sugar and cholesterol levels, blood pressure and urine. Health assessments provide an opportunity for employees to discuss any underlying issues and preventative methods they might take including any further investigations that may be advised. Reports and data are compiled to provide employers with an overview of the health of their workforce including any trends or issues to address.

    Using heath assessment screening to promote a healthy organisation

    The results of individual health assessment screening can be amalgamated into general, anonymised feedback that provides an in-depth overview of the health of your workforce. The data may reveal insights that shape health initiatives, for example, if screening reveals that a high proportion of employees would benefit from losing weight or eating more healthily.

    Employers can use data from health assessment screening to target lifestyle choices and promote a healthy culture in the workplace. Involving employees in workplace health initiatives can help them to take ownership of their own health issues. You might offer continuous professional development opportunities in understanding workplace health and safety, or awareness and understanding of mental health issues, or the use of drugs and alcohol.

    Involving employees in campaigns to promote healthy lifestyles will boost their motivation levels, improve productivity and reduce sickness absence. You will also improve your reputation as an organisation that takes seriously its corporate social responsibility.

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