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Spirometry Testing

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Spirometry plays a vital role in occupational health surveillance by helping to determine if an employee demonstrates a specific pattern of respiratory impairment.

It is a lung function test that also helps to assess the effectiveness of protective measures in the workplace.

If you need to set up spirometry tests in your workplace to assess an individual’s suitability for a particular role, or to monitor their long term health, the Medigold Health team can help.

COSHH regulations set out expectations that employers will, as part of their duty of care, identify any hazardous or potentially hazardous substances that may be breathed in by employees at work and take action as required.

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    Workplace Hazards that require Spirometry Screening Tests

    These commonly include, but are not limited to:

    • Colcophony fumes
    • Gluteraldehydes
    • Grain dust and flax
    • Hardwood dusts
    • Isocyanate paint sprays
    • Metal plating processes
    • Organic dusts
    • Polyurethane resin
    • Reactive dyes
    • Silica dust
    • Welding fume

    Employees who are most likely to be exposed to respiratory sensitivities should be provided with suitable health surveillance, which should then include an assessment at the following intervals according to the HSE guidelines:

    • Three months into employment (spirometry and questionnaire)
    • Every six months for the first two years of employment with an annual review if no problems are identified.

    How Medigold Health Can Help

    We can help identify any areas within your working environment that may cause concern in relation to hazardous breathing environments or respiratory sensitivities.

    We usually complete a questionnaire with your employees that asks about symptoms and occupational exposure to potentially hazardous substances.

    This is followed by the spirometry test which provides us with individual results which are then compared to the statistically predicted result for a person of a similar age, height, gender and ethnicity. These tests take approximately 25 minutes per employee to complete.

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    1000 Companies to inspire Britain 2018
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