Wellbeing and mental health awareness

Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness Course

Helping you to create a positive culture in the workplace

What is the Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness course about?

Keeping our minds healthy is just as important as maintaining our physical fitness and forms an important element of our overall health and wellbeing. Preventing mental illness by supporting employees to develop healthy habits that boost and protect their cognitive processes brings significant benefits to the way organisations perform.

Health and fitness, both mental and physical, can fluctuate through many stages, changing over time as circumstances alter. Everybody performs their best at work when they are as mentally and physically healthy as they can be, so it makes sense to support employees to improve their mindset and develop strong resilience.

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    What does the Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness Course cover?

    Delivered either online on in person, this programme is designed to raise awareness of the entire mental health landscape and the benefits that are available by harnessing the power of wellbeing.

    During this one-hour or two-hour workshop, we will provide:

    • An insight into the positive impact of wellbeing on employee performance
    • An overview of common mental health issues and their symptoms
    • Ways to promote a positive culture of workplace wellbeing
    • Techniques, skills, and tools to help individuals look after their own mental health
    • Advice on supporting colleagues with mental health issues, including how to ask for help
    • Ways to encourage conversations about wellbeing, mental fitness, and mental health
    • Advice on how to support employees with mental health issues

    Mental Health Awareness Course

    Who is the Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness Course for?

    Suitable for all employees, this workshop can be designed to address the issues faced by targeted cohorts within your organisation, from leaders to managers, to those working in supervisory or operational roles.

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