A day in the life of a Medigold Occupational Health Nurse – Meet Laura Way!

07/05/24 – Blog

Join us as we shine a light on the incredible nurses here at Medigold Health!

Discover their inspiring journeys into occupational health nursing, why they’re passionate about their career, and why now is a great time to get into the occupational health industry.

Today, we introduce you to Laura Way, one of our amazing Occupational Health Nurse Team Leaders.

A day in the life of a Medigold Occupational Health Nurse

What does a typical workday look like for you at Medigold Health?

I work as a Team Leader in our Placements Team, and I also cover venepuncture and vaccination clinics. I log on around 30 minutes before my start time to catch up on any messages and respond accordingly.

Every morning, we start by conducting a Teams call to review the priorities for that day, provide alerts about specific issues from clients and highlight quality issues and good practices. The call is also an opportunity for the team to raise any questions.

I then spend the day processing Placement Questionnaires completed by our customers’ newly recruited employees, assessing their fitness for the role they’ve been offered. I often have to contact candidates to discuss the health information they’ve declared and clarify any support or adjustments they might need in their new role. If I am on call-backs, the phone starts ringing at 10 am and the day goes by quickly – there is no time to be bored! I’m usually spinning plates answering calls, responding to queries from colleagues, customer service and clients, keeping my manager updated and checking emails.

I also prioritise time for conducting audits, competency reviews and clinical supervision, as well as problem-solving, revalidation, training, reflection and helping colleagues with time management.

Are there any specific challenges or exciting aspects of your role that stand out?

Talking to candidates whose English is their second language or who need an interpreter can be challenging, as we must ensure consent is given for them to speak via a third party.

My favourite calls are talking to candidates who have turned their lives around as a result of addiction rehabilitation and support and are now working to peer support others who are at the beginning of their journey. They are relatable and have been chosen by their employer for their own progress, understanding, resilience and empathy.

Many individuals describe terrifying and distressing backgrounds such as domestic violence, trauma or neglect in childhood, family breakdowns, changes in financial or home circumstances and near-death experiences.

I also love talking to candidates who have recovered from cancer and are returning to work, continuing to work while managing chronic health conditions such as MS or bowel disease, and those with neurodiverse conditions such as autism. I like knowing I am making them feel heard, supported and understood.

Can you share a memorable or rewarding moment from your recent experiences at Medigold Health?

My most rewarding moments have been when I’ve received positive feedback, from my manager when she wanted me to go for a promotion, and from all the colleagues I have trained.

How do you maintain a work-life balance while working in the occupational health sector?

I check in with myself every single day. If I am tired, irritable or demotivated, I ask myself, what have I done for myself in the last 24 hours?

I ensure I take notice of reminders in my calendar to stand up regularly to stretch and have plenty to drink. I also always take a proper break for lunch. I leave my desk behind, sit down and eat a meal and go outside and get fresh air or go for a short stroll. It’s important to turn off the laptop at the end of the day and not return to it until the next day.

I also ensure I have a spare room to work in and can shut the door. When I am not working, I love dog walking, gardening, growing my own fruit vegetables, sea swimming, seeing friends, going to the theatre, attending concerts, reading, litter picking, hot stone massage and reiki. Our daughters, who are 11 and 19, also help with chores, and I order groceries and bulk buy online for home delivery to help reduce the burden of housework.

Are there any specific tips or advice you would give to someone interested in a similar career path?

READ and STUDY 😊 These are some of my favourite recommended sites and resources to get you started!

  1. Health and Safety Executive website – this a great site to improve your knowledge of health and safety management law and employer/employee responsibilities and get a broad understanding of the multiple workplace hazards that exist and risk assessment and management processes etc.

Looking for a new career?

If our nurses have inspired you to consider a career in nursing, check out the below links for information on routes into the profession:

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To find out more about our current OH Nurse and OH Advisor opportunities, visit our Careers page here.

Medigold Health are also an accredited training organisation, so if you’re looking for a new challenge and are exploring a career in occupational health, get in touch with our Chief Nursing Officer Nicola.Piper@medigold-health.com to learn about the training programmes and shadowing opportunities we offer and how we can support you.

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