Mental Health Awareness Week: How to support your organisation’s mental wellbeing

16/05/24 – Blog

This week, the 13th-19th of May, is Mental Health Awareness Week – a prime opportunity to raise awareness and highlight the importance of prioritising mental health in the workplace. 

In the UK, it is estimated that around 30–40% of sickness absence is attributable to some form of mental illness, with work-related stress being a major cause of occupational ill health and poor productivity.

Seeing as we spend one-third of our lifetime at work, it is important that our workplace is as positive, healthy and conducive to good mental wellbeing as possible.

Mental health and workplace performance

Fourteen per cent of people experience mental health problems in the workplace. Without proper support, mental ill health can impact an individual’s physical health, confidence and ability to work productively. This can lead to increased absences and difficulties in retaining or obtaining employment.

Mental ill health also has a huge impact on an organisation’s success, with ramifications including increased absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover, all of which can detrimentally affect business productivity and profits.

How to prevent and support mental ill-health at work

At some point, everyone will experience problems or events in their work or personal life that may impact their mental health. Having the right support in place ensures that individuals who are struggling can quickly access the help they need and prevent any impact on their wellbeing and work performance.

“Every £1 invested by employers in mental health yields a £5 return, with increased productivity, reduced staff turnover and prevention of absenteeism and presenteeism. Investment in occupational safety and health must, therefore, not be misperceived as an unnecessary cost.”

Corey Edwards, Senior Policy and Public Affairs Manager, The Institution for Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)

What can you do to support the mental health of your employees?

Create a safe space

Starting conversations about mental health in the workplace can help break down any stigma, and providing employees with regular one-to-ones with managers can create a safe space and opportunity for them to voice any concerns.  

Encourage a good work-life balance

Research shows that 81% of employees place importance and value on flexible working. Encourage a good work-life balance by promoting breaks, implementing reasonable working hours, limiting after-hours contact and offering flexible working options if feasible.

Mental health training and awareness

Conversations around mental health can be difficult, and it is important that these sensitive topics are approached in the right way.

Offering mental health awareness training to managers will ensure they have the knowledge, confidence and skills to approach employees and implement practical and preventative measures as soon as any concerns arise.

Mental health resources and support

Providing and promoting services such as Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP), counselling services, wellbeing officers, helplines, support groups, therapy and crisis intervention services will encourage and empower employees to manage their own mental wellbeing and access support as soon as it is needed.

How Medigold can help

In line with mental health awareness week, we are pleased to share some handy resources to help improve and support mental wellbeing in your organisation: 

10 Tips for Mental Wellbeing: This quick-reference guide provides practical strategies for promoting mental wellness in daily life, empowering employees to proactively maintain their mental health through stress management techniques and healthy habits. 

Stress Risk Assessment: This document offers a structured framework to help you identify and evaluate potential stress factors in your workplace, so you can implement effective mitigation strategies and safeguard your employees’ wellbeing.  

If you are interested in levelling up your organisation and prioritising your employee wellbeing, explore our services below or contact us today at

Mental Health Training and Awareness Courses

Our training courses can help you enhance mental health awareness among your teams and equip you with practical tools and strategies to help you better support your people, boost workplace wellbeing and minimise the impact of mental health issues. 

Protect Package

Exclusively available to smaller businesses, Protect offers a host of proactive and reactive health services to help you boost productivity, reduce employee absence, minimise health risks and better support employee wellbeing.

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)

Provide your team with high-quality, cost-effective support with our Employee Assistance Programmes, which include access to counsellors and nurses and an online health and wellbeing portal.

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